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Biological Sciences

Contact information

Christopher L. Higgins, PhD

Director, Timberlake Biological Field Station

Professor, Department of Biological Sciences 

PI, REU Site: Restoring cattle ranches for sustainable land and water resources

Phone: 254-968-9019
Office: SCI 227

Curriculum Vitae (PDF)

I use Canvas in all my classes to: (1) post grades - student grades are confidential and Canvas provides password protected access to their grades, (2) distribute materials - I use Canvas as a means to distribute handouts or other lecture related materials, (3) engage students - in my experience students who routinely engage in the learning process outside of the classroom outperform those who do not, and (4) mobility - as society becomes more dependent on smart phones so have students need for an App based means of access to all course related material and grades. In other words, students can no longer have the excuse of "I didn't know".... they can study "on the go" or from anywhere in the world!


Tropical Ecology students in Costa Rica giving back to field stations for their role in conserving biodiversity.

schedule of courses taught
Fall Spring Summer
Ecology (BIOL 4401) Ichthyology (4462) Ecology (BIOL 4401)
Research Design and Analysis (BIOL 5398) Measuring Biological Diversity (BIOL 5340)  
Research Interests


Most of my research lies along a continuum between biogeography and macroecology with particular emphasis on discovering broad-scale patterns of biodiversity and identifying potential abiotic and biotic drivers. One project is examing spatial and temporal changes in multiple dimensions of biodiversity (functional, phylogenetic, and taxonomic) in freshwater fishes in Texas; a followup project is also underway to examine multiple dimensions of biodiverrsity at the national level. A new long-term project is underway examing the effects of grazing on arthropod and small-mammal diversity in agroecosystems.   

Recent Projects
Multiple Dimensions of Biodiversity - I am interested in understanding how various dimensions of biodiversity (functional, phylogenetic, and taxonomic) interact to provide insight into underlying structuring mechanisms. Metacommunity Structure - I am interested in uncovering broad-scale patterns of metacommunity structure and elucidating the underlying mechanisms that give rise to those patterns.